As students of Digital Publishing we developed a software for the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in Braunschweig, with which more than 10,000 historical coins were published in a two-volume book as well as a digital solution. The new application also makes it possible to automatically integrate new collection pieces into the online and print versions of the coin catalog, so that the museum can independently generate new editions of the publication in future.
We also worked together with students from Mobile Media and the masters program Computer Science and Media. Link to Article

Photo of the historical coin book made within the project numis

My Role: Project manager.

Team: Christoph Boje, Philipp Burger, Jan Christensen, Daniel Dammer, Marc Ernst, Christian Fahrbach, Marc Gerzimbke, Kristina Haar, Josefine Hartung, Adrian Hiddemann, Viktor Lukovic, Laura Priselac, Florian Sander, Sebastian Seipel

Students from: Computer Science and Media (Master), Digital Publishing (Bachelor), Mobile Media (Bachelor)

Professors: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Gerlicher, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marko Hedler